Find some Edible Plants in the Forest

Sometimes, you do not plan a trip with your friends or family. Sometimes, it is just an instinct that you get up and embark a solo trip. Unplanned trips are unusual and might be bizarre. Also, unplanned solo trips are crazy and wild. You might have a chance to explore wildness in you. When you plan something unusual, you do not have time for packing and preparing food. You start your solo trip with some granola bars and water in your backpack. Sometimes you have a planned route, but sometimes everything is unplanned. Maybe you lost your route, unfortunately.

Suppose, you veered off your planned route and you are hungry now. You can only eat the granola bars you have. After some time, you will hungry again. Now, what to do? What to eat now? What to do in this horrible situation? Read this article to know what you can eat in the forest if you are lost and do not have anything to eat. You can find some edible plants in the forest. But, in the forest, you will find some poisonous plants. The important question is now, how you can recognize the poisonous plants. Read the full article to know about the edible plants in the forest.

Some Poisonous Plants in the Forests

You may get confused in the forest when you see so many plants around you. It is better to be safe than sorry. Following are the characteristics that might be present in the poisonous plants. You should avoid such plants which have:

  • Milky fluid.
  • Discolored juice.
  • Spines or thorns on the stems.
  • Fine hair on the stems and leaves.
  • Beans or seeds inside the shell.
  • Bitter taste.
  • Soapy fluid in the stems.
  • Almond scent in the stems or eaves.
  • 3-leaves growth pattern.

The most toxic plant you should avoid are:

  • Azaleas flowers.
  • Wild peas.
  • Mushrooms in the forest.
  • Berries.
  • Plants growing next to the roadside.
  • Ivy berries.
  • Mistletoes.
  • Yew seeds.
  • Plants growing next to the waste dumping or fungi.

Tips for Finding some Edible Plants in the Forest

Here are some significant tips for finding edible plants in the forest.

Know How about the Area:

The best idea is to pick a guide book which tells you about local plants and trees. You should identify the differences between trees, plants, shrubs, bushes, and herbs. The plants grow next to the dump or humid area, are mostly toxic. So, you have a little knowledge about the area and growing plants there.

Cleared Areas:

In the grassy fields, you will find edible plants and vegetables. Like weeds, wild onions, chickweed, wood sorrel, henbit, clover, sow thistle, amaranth, burdock, curled dock, and asparagus plant. Such plants are not toxic to your body. You can eat these plants in the forest.

Edible Grass:

Grasses are usually edible. In the forest, you will find edible grass but there is a kind of grass which is toxic. You should avoid the grass which has blades under 6 inches. The taste of the grass can be sweet, bitter, or mild. You can find wheatgrass in the forest. The taste of the wheatgrass is quite delicious.

Wet Areas:

You can find some watery plants in the forest which are edible. Search for cattail, bulrush, and watercress. These can be a superfood for you if you got them.

Edible Berries:

You can find some berries in the forest which are edible. Like raspberry, rose berry, and blackberry. If you ever bought berries from any grocery store you will be able to recognize the difference between blackberry and raspberry in the forest. These are the tasty food you can find in the forest.


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